How Signing Up New Users Works?

2nd June, 2016 690 How it works
MyEquipment4Rent brings community members together. Contractors, carpenters, handymen or anyone who has tools and equipment and would like to make a supplemental income, can rent these items to people that need them for hours or days. is looking for motivated individuals (“You”… Read more

Join the Gig movement and start…

7th March, 2016 432 Passive Income
    The growing Gig economy is booming. You can have your Gig business on the side easier than ever. More than a third of all US workers have freelanced within the past year. 700,000 is the number of Americans who have joined the Gig workforce in 2015 alone according to a survey in October.… Read more

DIY'ers: Try Do-It-Together (DIT)

1st March, 2016 431 Tools
  How many times have you wanted to do a simple home improvement project but didn't have the right tools or equipment, or the skills? Once, I wanted to install light at the end of my driveway. I had to dig a trench alongside the driveway from the garage, lay down pipes and wires, and install the… Read more

Show value to your customers and…

15th February, 2016 430 Handyman
When offering home improvement services to your customers, you are in direct competition with everyone else in the business as well as the customer that can do the project themselves. If you help a DIY'er start a small projects themselves, they will appreciate it and remember you when they need other… Read more