About US

We make Tools & Equipment accessible to everyone

MyEquipment4Rent.com was created to bring community members together. Contractors, carpenters, handymen or anyone else who has tools and equipment that they would like to make an income on, can rent these items to people that need them (for hours or days) for their projects.

Do-It Yourselfer's tackle all kinds of jobs like painting, roto-tilling, tile setting, and storage moving, hedge trimming, carpentry and much more. Many times specialized equipment is needed that is far too expensive to purchase for a one-time project.

For many in the suburbs traveling to the nearest home improvement center is time consuming, costly and often times the equipment is already rented by someone else. Wouldn't it be great to be able to find someone right in your neighborhood that you can rent the equipment from?

The concept of myequipment4rent.com is based on a sharing economy and proximity. Why not rent a leaf blower or trailer from a neighbor, instead of buying one that you only use a few days a year?


Who can use MyEquipment4Rent.com?


The opportunity to create revenue when equipment and tools are not in use is a golden opportunity for landscapers, gardeners, carpenters, painters, plumbers, drywall contractors, movers, and other professionals. This is an invaluable service for the Do It Yourselfer who tackles home improvement repairs and upgrades.

Contractors (or anyone with tools and equipment) can rent out these unused items to those DIYers in nearby communities. They can even offer transportation, and a demonstration on how to use the equipment and tools. Contractors can even build their contact list, and be the first choice when the DIYer needs a professional a on future projects.



Do-It-Youselfers with a weekend project, many times end up either buying the tools they need or contracting someone do the job. Both options are costly

For example :

  • Using a leaf blower couple of times/year
  • Spreading Fertilizer 3-4 times/year
  • Needing a ladder to clean the gutters once a year
  • The need for a chainsaw on a rare occasion
  • The need for a trailer to move large items
  • And countless other situations.

Start-Up contractors

People that can do Improvement work but don’t have the tools nor the means to rent and transport them. Perhaps a student during the summer break, wants to make a buck or two doing some yard work or other tasks a few hours daily in their neighborhood. They can rent equipment from myequipment4rent.com and do the work without having to spend a lot on costly equipment.